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Customer comments

At Back to Nature Farm Shop, we pride ourselves on our personal service and traditional butchery, so you can buy pork chops with the kidney, and you will be served in a friendly and polite manner.
Just like it used to be!

It is important for us to get feedback from customers, so we know what we are doing right, and what could be improved. We're glad to say that almost all the feedback we get through the farm shop is positive and full of praise, and much of this credit has to go to our butcher Martyn.

Meet the Butcher

Martyn joined us in 2006 when he started helping Mark on our stall at Acton Farmers' Market. He soon came to work in the cutting room on the farm, and over the past six years, his knowledge and experience of butchery has increased, and expanded to farming methods and breeds used to produce traditional meat.
In February 2011, Martyn took over as manager of the farm shop butchery and with his bright personality and natural customer service skills, has earned us a reputation of traditional, good service. It is this quality of produce and service, we believe, which has seen the amount of customers increase throughout last year, leading to a successful and happy Christmas 2011, during which we are proud to report that no-one waited more than around twenty minutes for their Christmas order.

Our butcher Martyn giving a meat cutting demonstration

Some of the wonderful comments we had after Christmas 2011 - thank you so much for all your support;

"..I just wanted to say what a great job you are doing. The produce and atmosphere of the farm and shop are superb. The way you communicate with your customers (Facebook, email etc) is text book for a small business but most of all your passion and energy come through. I guess I am saying please keep doing what you are doing. Your customers really really appreciate it."

"Just a quick note to say thank you very much for our turkey this year - absolutely delicious and I think the best we've ever had..."

"Just wanted to drop you a mail to let you know that our Christmas food order was absolutely superb...excellent quality and enough to keep us going for days after."

"We would like to wish you all a very happy new year and to thank you once AGAIN for the most amazing turkey breast. We had a delicious Christmas dinner and special thanks to the butcher [Martyn].."

"Quick note to say that the turkey breast, draped beautifully with bacon, that we bought from Shabden Park Farm, was the best tasting turkey we have EVER had. Thanks SO much - it made our Christmas lunch perfect:)))"

Inside Croydon; Time to Talk Turkey Over Christmas - click to read article online

Comments received after farm Open Days;

"thanks- we had a lovely day at the farm, especialy enjoyed the sheepdog trials and the ducks!"

"Just wanted to say thank you to the organisers of open farm sunday and Shabden Park Farm for a lovely day out today [..] The farmer at Shabden was marvellous. In the drizzly rain his energy and commitment enlivened us all. When there were too many for the last tractor trip out to the fields (where his wonderful sheepdog rounded up a herd of cows and he found a new calf born that morning he didn't know about- how exciting was THAT? when the baby pooed some bright yellow colostrum feces, like a human baby but fascinating to the many children on board as well as to us. His shearing was amazing- very hard work, yet he kept up a lively patter even as he hauled the huge beast around and skillfully sheared her.
The food stalls and takeaways were excellent, farm shop produce interesting, and everyone was SO helpful and hospitable. I realise how much work was involved in setting up something like this, and hope you will pass on the thanks of two grandparents to this excellent farmer and all his staff."

"We just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day today. My children [..] really enjoyed the day and appreciate all the hard work that was put in. I grew up on a farm and am really keen for the kids to learn about farming and with the shearing, live animals and especially the trailer ride they had a fantastic experience despite the awful weather."


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