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Shabden Farmers' Market

Our monthly Farmers' Market is held in the farmyard outside the farm shop. Only real farmers and 'homemade' food producers are invited to the market, and they sell their own fresh produce.

The concept of Farmers' Markets is not as new as it seems, farmers having sold their produce at their local market as far back in history as agriculture itself.

There has been a large impact on traditional ways of selling and buying food by the growth of convenience shopping, supermarkets and cheap imports, and this has resulted in a change in emphasis away from locally produced, 'proper' food, and whole generations have lost the connection between the food on their plate and how it came to be there. Now more people want to know where their food comes from and how it has been produced, harvested, transported and stored. Most importantly, they want to pass this knowledge onto their children and restore that missing link. At Shabden Park Farm, we are passionate about linking food and farming and enabling people, especially children, to make informed choices about the food they eat.

Why shop at a farmers' market?
A farmers' market is one in which farmers, growers or producers from the local area sell their own produce, in person, direct to the public. Their main emphasis is to help local farmers to sell their produce direct to the public and local to its origin, creating benefits to them, the environment and the local community.
Customers at farmers' markets enjoy being able to talk directly to the farmer, grower or food producer who has raised or made the produce they are selling and stallholders will always spare a few minutes to explain their methods and offer cooking advice to interested customers.

'Real farmers, real food'
Farmers' markets have become very popular in recent years and this has led to markets being set up under the title of 'farmers market', which are really general food markets or even craft markets. We feel this has damaged the integrity of farmers' markets somewhat. This is why we only invite the people who grow, rear, catch, bake, or produce their products themselves. Where stallholders make their products from other, primary, ingredients, we specify that they must source their major ingredients, like fruit or meat, from local or regional producers.

Shabden Farmers Market

Stalls at Shabden Farmers Market

Fresh fish and shellfish

Shabden Farmers Market is held on the fourth Saturday of the month, on the following dates, and each market is themed according to the season. As the market is held here on the farm, there are always farm animals to see, and Farmers Mark and Kirstie Banham, as well as children Sam and Tui, are always around for you to ask questions.


Dates for 2017

No market in January

Saturday 22nd July

Saturday 25th February

Saturday 26th August

Saturday 25th/Sun 26th March

Saturday 23rd September

Saturday 22nd April

Saturday 28th October

Saturday 27th May

Saturday 25th November

Saturday 24th June

Saturday 23rd December (Christmas market)

What can I buy at the farmers' market?


Fresh vegetables, fruit and flowers from Ted's Veg


Live and prepared shellfish, wet fish, fish soups and pate

Fresh Veg & Fruit - local/regional vegetables and fruit in season, sourced as locally as possible, often <5 miles.
Pimpernel Fisheries - line-caught crabs, lobsters, shellfish, & wet fish, caught, prepared & sold within 48 hrs.
Based: Lincs, Suffolk, Surrey
Food Miles: 2-200
Based: Salcombe
Food Miles: 200



The Little Honey Bee Co.- local honey, honey and beeswax products, including bath bombs, salves and candles.
Iron Railway Vineyard - very local, award-winning wine, cider, grape & apple juice and elderflower cordial.
Based: Mitcham
Food Miles: 10
Based: Merstham
Food Miles: 2

The Chilli Lady - chilli everything! Jams, jellies, ketchup, fudge and more...
Daniel - home-marinated olives, home-made feta cheese, baklava and Turkish Delight
Based: Sutton
Food Miles: 8
Based: London
Food Miles: 8


Freshly baked bread


McCarthy's Country Store - freshly baked, organic breads, pies and pastries.
Pretty Good Stuff - home-grown, cottage garden plants which are sold for charity by Ruth
Based: Brentwood
Food Miles: 40
Based: Purley
Food Miles: 5



Koula's Kitchen - the best tasting home-made jams and marmalades we have ever had.
Based: Croydon
Food Miles: 8
Food Miles:

Free range meat, sausages and game

Back to Nature Farm Shop - free range meats, farmhouse sausages, dry cured bacon, eggs and game in season.
Two Teachers - adorable hand-knitted dolls made by Kirstie's aunt and mum.
Based: Chipstead
Food Miles: 0
Based: Chipstead
Food Miles: 0

We currently have a space for an ethical plant nursery, please email an enquiry if interested.
If you are interested in trading at Shabden Farmers' Market, please email Kirstie from the contact page. You must make your products yourself (see principles below), and have your own gazebo/cover and tables.

Shabden Farmers' Market Guiding Principles

1. To create a food centre for the community which provides a place for shoppers to meet and buy quality, locally produced food at fair prices.

2. To create a economical retail outlet for farmers/producers, enabling for them a regular cash flow and a fair return for their produce through direct selling and no middlemen.

3. To provide an opportunity for direct contact between customer and producer, so you can be sure about how produce is grown/made. Food always tastes better when you know where it comes from!

4. To help improve the environment by a) the reduction of food miles (and therefore pollution, and fossil fuel use) and b) minimal packaging.

5. To encourage healthy eating through the availability of fresh, in season, quality produce at sensible prices, and the opportunity to learn how to use them direct from the grower/producer.

6. To support environmentally-sustainable production, and the rearing of animals which respects their welfare.

7. To encourage the use of traditional breeds and varieties which help maintain genetic diversity and provide a superior product in terms of taste and quality.

8. To provide an opportunity for linking rural and urban lifestyles by allowing an insight into the farming and food production environment.

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